Friday, February 26, 2016


Happy Friday everyone!
It's been a very strange week... and I for one, am grateful that the weekend is upon us.
One day it's warm... the next it is snowing... it has almost been mirroring my level of activity.
Sometimes I am crazy productive... and others... not so much. It's been a bit of a roller coaster.

So many folks I know are going through big changes right now. Good changes, not so good changes... lots of flux. And us too. I think (and good friends have reminded me lately) that sometimes you just have to let go. Do what you can... be the best you that you can be... and let the rest of it all go. Let it fall. Let it sprout and grow wings if it can... but if not... it's ok. The past can steal your present... and your future if you let it. Not everyone and everything in your life is meant to take root and stay. Happiness is often, not the absence of problems... but working around them. Working through them... rising above them.

See you all tomorrow...