Wednesday, February 3, 2016


It's raining.... it's chilly... and whatever "winter effects" we had; seem to be disappearing in the wake of Phil's shadow yesterday.
It does indeed, look as though we are skipping most all of winter this year... and heading back into spring. But we'll see.
Nature may surprise us yet.

I am exhausted. It's always amazing to me how a busy day can just wipe me out... and the symptoms can linger forever; or so it seems. I am cranky, and restless.... and definitely lacking in good sleep. Brina must have been feeling it too... because she didn't let any of us sleep past 5:30 this am. (even though I had barely gotten 4hrs of sleep).
I am thinking a major nap might be in order. But first, I decided to take a walk about the yard; and the photos for today's post show some of what is happening out there today. The trio of blue jays that frequent our yard are squawking at each other... the wind is whipping up a bit here on the hill... and the coffee is on.

See you all tomorrow.