Friday, February 5, 2016


And yesterday... I finally felt "up" to working in the studio. 
I feel on a certain level, that I lost all of January... stress is an ugly thing.... but it is what it is.
Life sometimes, can be really difficult... and... sometimes our worries and fears and take on a much bigger role than they should.
It's amazing really, when you think about it... and how to get out of it can be a colossal undertaking.

There are so many sites out there with bits of wisdom on how to de-stress, and I certainly don't know it all...
but there are some things that seem to be universally touted as ways to help:

Breathe deeply
Try to eat in a healthy manner
listen to music you love
watch something funny
take a walk/ exercise
snuggle your dog
incorporate plants into your living space
get some good sleep

--- I wish you all a very happy Friday... and I will see you all tomorrow for my weekend post.