Saturday, February 20, 2016

for the weekend

It's been a beautiful week with the snow.... and now blue skies. Winter has (finally) shown up... or at least, a little of it has. The photograph for today's post, is one I took a couple days ago... and I love how the colors blend and almost look like a very old painting. It was overcast, and wet... and the snow was weighing the branches down like a woman with too many groceries in hand.

These last few days of February I need to work harder. I need to work on cleaning out and selling more of the stuff in my studio space... and I need to work on new handcrafted items, because the art show season will be upon us before we realize it. And I need to make a "vision board"... hopes, dreams, needs... worries for family and friends... they all need to be on there. I am craving a bit of organization... and manifestation.

But for now, it is the weekend. The coffee is being made, a radio station must be chosen... and I've links to share with you all that I gathered this week:

*Did you know that Picasso did linocut prints?
*the church of bones
*Abi Wade (and listen to this one too)
*the snail with an armor of iron... and more here
*a video of the Longqi Vent Field, deep in the SW Indian Ocean
*Mystery of the Shell Grotto, and more on wiki
*did you know that John Denver, yes... the singer... was also a photographer? Look here.
*43 books you won't be able to stop talking about
*photographer Caryn Drexl
*some blog sites from my reading list

Ah but alas... more coffee needs to be made... and work to do.
See you all back here on Monday for my "maker monday" post...