Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Happy Tuesday!
Today I will be drawing a name to win the pair of Fluorite earrings I featured yesterday... which is always fun. And this afternoon... I will be making a list so that I can order a bunch of supplies for the shop this year - business cards, padded envelopes, tissue paper... that sort of thing.

This month I will be concentrating on listing lots of random things on my Ebay account... things to clear out of the house... which is mostly collectibles, antiques and books... and a few supplies here and there. You can follow along if you want to by looking HERE

And hopefully, I will be able to get in some studio time today as well. The photo for today's post is another one of my digital collages... using several of my original photos sandwiches into a single image, with tweaks to the color and such.

See you all tomorrow...