Thursday, March 17, 2016


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

I am so very sorry I missed yesterday's post.... things rather got away from me...
But today, I am up... and working... and ... look what I found on a short walk!
Snowdrops!... so cute... and a definite sign of spring.

I've begun making a "new" style of necklaces. They will all be sterling silver or 14K Gold plate chain in a choker length; that feature precious and semi-precious stones. Sort of minimalist, they are simple in design, yet have a classy, rich look to them. I am looking forward to making similar necklaces in a variety of stones and color combinations.

Here is one I made and took to the show this past weekend.... For this one, I used faceted Peacock blue Apatite stones and a handmade sterling silver bead from Santa Fe. Apatite is an unusual and uncommon stone (technically it's a mineral)... and I love the deep teal color on these ones.

"Apatite's various colors are often due to the presence of rare earth elements or natural irradiation. Because of its wide color range, apatite has often been mistaken for many other gemstones, including topaz, tourmaline, and various beryl varieties.Although apatite is a very common mineral, transparent gemstone-quality apatite is extremely rare and seldom found in jewelry stores. It is, however, very popular among collectors because of its' variety of colors.

At any rate.... I hope you thoroughly enjoy your day... listen to some great Irish music... eat some bangers and mash... have a green beer!
And I will see you all tomorrow...