Friday, March 18, 2016


Look what I found out on my walk yesterday!
I am so excited for spring, in spite of the fact that we really didn't have much of a winter.
And late last night/ early this am... I went out and covered up our little lilac bush; as the weather channel was predicting very low temps and the possibility of snow. My lilac bush was one we planted in April of 2014 as part of out Earth Day celebrations.... and it has just started to bud  out... and I was afraid it would be injured in the cold.... but alas, she is ok.

When I was very little, my grandmother had a significantly large lilac bush in her yard, and it smelled heavenly. Many years later, we moved down beside her to help take care of her; and this bush was not far from my bedroom window. Years later, my sister took a snipping of it; and grew one in her yard. When my parents later moved to a different house, there was (and is) and patch of lilac bushes in their front yard. And now, we have one. It's amazing how these sort of things stay with you.

And today is Friday, which means I have some work to finish up.
I enjoy donating things to local causes and fundraisers, and I've been gathering things this week to donate to 3 separate events. These items will be going to a Chinese Auction to raise funds to make improvements to the Potter County Fairgrounds. I've sent 2 jewelry sets, and a matted 8x10 photograph.

The items below; are going to be part of a fundraiser for the Penn Brad Oil Museum. They include a set of recycled paper cards and envelopes set, several guitar picks made from recycled gift cards, a matted original 8 x10 photograph (signed) and a pair of sterling silver earrings that feature aqua aura quartz crystal points.

See you all tomorrow for my weekend post!