Friday, March 25, 2016


...there are times in life when you need to take a step back.

I had thought I was doing well. I had thought I was coping well with all the major life changes, moving, jobs, financial issues, PTSD triggers, new responsibilities, worrying about my son and granddaughter so far away.... I'm sure you all understand.... knowing all the battles you too are going through. It's not easy. For any of us. We are all struggling with things that others no nothing of.
We smile. We nod. We keep going.
Until we can't.
Until you can't get out of bed.
Until you can't face one. more. thing.
One more rejection.
One more bump in the road.

And yes, I appreciate all the good things.
Yes, I am beyond thankful for all the wonderful blessings... and I am trying hard to concentrate on that. But in the meantime... I am fragile. I am spent. I am tired.

So... instead of making you "wait" for my weekend post with links; I am doing it now; and taking the weekend off ... much love to you all...and I'll see you back here on Monday.

Here are some links I've gathered:
*morel mushroom hunting
*your next reading list?
*a conversation with Patti Smith
*Pennsylvania waterfalls road trip
*a ghost town in New York
*reminds me of leaf collecting in 9th grade; only way better
*remember this?
*finding leeks in PA
*food for thought