Saturday, March 12, 2016

for the weekend

Ok. So, I'm not really home right now... I'm still down in Ridgeway at the Chainsaw Carver's Rendezvous.
See yesterday's post for details... and stop in and see me if you are in the area.

But .. I wanted to continue my usual routine of sharing links on the weekend; as I know some of you really look forward to them.
So... here is what I gathered:

*throw out the "granny" stereotype! Seriously. This is cool.
*this is an interesting site I stumbled across. A little pricey... but offers goods from around the world in an effort to help artisans all over.
*ok. These are weird... but cool... all at the same time.
*an interesting artist profile/story from the website ArtsyShark
*what's showing at different art galleries around NYC this week
*500 years later, Bosch gets a show.
*looking for inspiration/ creativity? here's a book list to check out.
*here's another website I recently discovered, that has me enthralled.
*ok. Here is the book I (finally) finished reading. I think (in this case) that I liked it so much, that I savored every bit and dragged it out as much as I could. This one is next on my list.
*so... one of my guilty pleasures is fried chicken... and I've been craving it for days now. Where is the best fried chicken in America? According to "TheDailyMeal", here is a list.

Here's to a busy weekend at the rendezvous... and I'll see you all back on Monday.

((the photo for today's post is another in my series of new prints. 
This one features one of my original photographs from the Susquehanna State Forest))