Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I think people wonder why I stay up so late at night.
First, because I have never been a morning person (or whatever that means).. but also because I like the quiet of the night.
I like that most everyone is asleep.
I often tiptoe outside and listen to the crickets... and to here the waft from the wings of bats as they hover around the lights down the street.
I like the sound of rain in an otherwise silent night, and the squawk of the ducks as they head out down the river at dawn.
I love the soft "coo-coo" of the lady dove who likes to sit on a tree in our yard as the sun dares to come up on more time.
I enjoy cradling a hot cup of tea in my hands, trying to get warm; when my body is too tired to easily fall asleep.
And the intoxicating smell of darjeeling, as eyes closed... I start to dream...

I realized last night, that I hadn't been sharing the links to blogs in my reading list for awhile.
So today; I thought I would include a bunch of them...

* Altered Bits
* Blacksburg Belle
Christa Gallopoulos
* PFN photo
* Yay Retro!
* Jennifer Summer
* the Itinerant Printer
* Carissa Paige
* Cadyn Speziale
* booooooom

~~~ see you all tomorrow.