Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Last night I had this very weird couple of hours where I was cruising online, and stumbled upon someone I used to know. And then... all of the sudden... someone else I used to know... and on it went like a strange train hurling down the rails and out of my past. One after the other... blogs, websites... social media accounts... it was completely bizarre, uncomfortable... and much like seeing a house-fire... impossible to turn away from. I left feeling oddly disenchanted, estranged... sort of out-of-body. On one hand.... it was interesting to see what all these folks had been doing, what they been creating (most are artists), and what they had been accomplishing. And yet, on the other hand... it felt somewhat sad, as these are people that are no longer in my life at all.
Life is like that... people come into your life... and sometimes, they go as well. Hopefully the leaving is not difficult; but either way... lessons can be learned... and our lives are always richer for the experience. Or at least... I try to spin it that way.

But what now? Have I grown as well? What would their response be if they saw what I was up to? And does it even matter? not really.
Spring is here. A time of re-birth.
A time of sitting in the sun and becoming your best possible you.

So... for today, I am looking forward to getting back in the studio and making something.
See you all tomorrow.