Thursday, April 28, 2016


So. A friend of mine has these plants growing around her house. I knew it, but couldn't think of the name. Turns out, it's Lungwort/ Pulmonaria officinalis. I think it's really pretty, and apparently, useful for lung conditions. Interestingly, it is thought to grow only in areas of non-pollution -- like old growth forests. ... so I guess we are sort of safe here.  >>wink<<
see more here... and here.

Today it is damp and chilly. The fog seems to have not quite left the hill... everything has a slight early morning feel to it despite being the afternoon. In the distance, I can here the click-click of wild turkeys making their way through the wooded area near our house. Our Blue Jay brothers are back (we have 3 males that live near us) and are screeching madly at each other. There is a hairy woodpecker pounding away at a dead tree in our neighbor's yard... and all seems right with the world.

Time to make some more coffee and get to work.
See you all tomorrow.