Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Once in awhile we get really lucky, and we have a loving spirit that comes into our lives... be it a person, or a fur baby. Brina (Sabrina) was my heart. She got me through cancer, moves, job changes, kids, sickness, trips cross country, heartache, joys, losses.... everything. She was my constant companion and always loved me unconditionally and completely. She lived much longer than anyone dared hope... and I am so very grateful for the time spent. Yesterday the sky opened up... and a true angel went home.

I saw my first glimpse of Sabrina online. I never look at pet adoption sites; because I want to bring them all home. But for some reason, I came across one ... and once I saw her face... I was a goner. Looking similar to the puppy we had when I was a young child, I just knew she was meant to live with me. So I called the group, and discovered she  had already been adopted. Boldy, I told the woman on the phone that when they brought her back, to give me a call because she needed to be with me. Just a few weeks later, we went to pick her up. We had an instant connection. She nursed me through good times and bad, through sickness and good health. She traveled with me on every trip cross country from our home in New Mexico back to PA. She went to the ocean with us, she went to the Grand Canyon... she loved staying in hotels and sniffing fields of cattle, buffalo.... going fishing.. and traipsing through the woods. She loved moving back her to PA, and enjoyed many the afternoon just lying in the grass and listening to the birds. She was very healthy and extremely active until a fall off a neighboring porch, then went through a scary time when the doctors thought she had cancer. The last year she had a limp; and the past few months have been quite rough for her, but she never lost her joy of life, or the desire to snuggle and hang out with her family.

There are people who think that the love of a pet is somehow a lesser thing than the love between human beings. I cannot disagree more. Somehow, that unconditional love between animals and humans is able to transcend barriers; and show us what real love has always been meant to be. Until we see each other again...

And I will see you all tomorrow.