Friday, April 8, 2016


Yesterday I picked what daffodils I could from my mother's flower bed.
They were all drooped over and bent due to the cold and the snow from a couple days ago... and now, overnight, it has snowed again... and they would surely not have survived it. And so they sit on my desk... reminding me that spring will come again...

I've lots to do today, and frankly, no motivation to do it.
My entire being just wants to go back to bed.
This past week or so, I finished the book "A Circle of Quiet," and also the book "Empty Mansions"... and last night I (almost) finished a book called "The Delany Sisters Book of  Everyday Wisdom." It's a very short book by the Delany Sisters, the last surviving 2 daughters of a civil war slave. Sadie lived to be 109, and her sister Bessie lived to be 104. The first book they co-authored was called "Having Our Say".... and I should probably have read it first; as this one is a sequel of sorts. After Bessie died, Sadie wrote a third and final book called "On My Own."

I had taken one of my niece's children to a doctor appointment the other day; and I was chatting with a lady in the waiting room about books. She was saying that she tries to take a book with her on her errands, because she never knows when she will end up waiting a long while; with nothing to do. She was saying that it was interesting how folks tend to get upset about waiting... when in actuality... it can be a blessing to "have" to sit and read a good book instead of rushing about to do something else.
I was telling her how my father most always had a paperback book in his back pocket; for that very reason.
It's funny to me... and I just got to thinking about this... that we as a society think nothing of sitting in front of the television for 3-4hours a night... but taking time to read a book is a luxurious/ selfish thing to do. And I don't dislike television; there can often times be good things on.... it's just interesting how some things are more acceptable (or perhaps just more common?) than others....

See you all tomorrow.