Saturday, April 2, 2016

for the weekend

So. It's snowing at the moment.
The wind has been crazy strong, and trees have fallen down.
Nature continues to surprise us in so many ways... however, I refuse to post a photo of snow.
So. I am sharing instead, a photo I took last May, of some gorgeous pink magnolia blossoms.
I am trying to be optimistic.

There are lots of things going on this weekend... shows and events in the area...
but I am thinking that I may just hide under a warm quilt and watch a movie, or finish a book.
Currently, I am reading "Empty Mansions, " the story of Huguette Clark.
I had breezed through it when it first came out, and am now taking a more leisurely stroll through it's pages. I recommend it.

Instead of my usual list of links; I thought this time I would share with you some of the movies I've watched in the past few months, and what I thought:

*The Art of Getting By: sort of a 'coming of age' movie. Not bad. Not great.
*Begin Again: great music... the story sweeps you up and doesn't let go. I loved it.
*This is Where I Leave You: I got drawn in because I think Jason Bateman does a great job playing these quirky characters. Kind of dark, but humorous... and interesting. Jane Fonda does well playing the mom, although her character was pretty 2 dimensional.
*Mr. Holmes: now this, was good. Great story. Great acting.
*Ricki and the Flash: I really wanted to like the characters more.... it was ok.
*Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: THIS. This was really good. Great characters, great development. And beautifully photographed. LOVED Judi Dench, LOVED Maggie Smith.
*the Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: and who likes a sequel? this girl. It was good too.
*Henri Cartier Bresson: This was a bio. Very interesting, and of course, they showed much of his work.
*Iris: also a bio, this is the story of Iris Apfel. Really, really cool.
*The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo: also a bio, narrated by Rita Moreno. I've seen lots of movies about Frida, this goes in the top 3.
*Elsa and Fred: lesson here? great actors (Christopher Plummer and Shirley Maclaine) do bad movies too. Horrible.
*100 Foot Journey: I watched it twice. In a row. It was that good. Helen Mirren is stellar.
*Chef: This is the story of a single dad who ends up running a food truck. It is amazing. I highly recommend it.

...and there you have it. I hope you all have a great weekend, and I'll see you all back here on Monday.