Monday, May 23, 2016


It's "Maker Monday"... my series of posts where I feature something I've been working on that week; and encouraging the maker lifestyle.

Last year, I made a chair (a broken/ salvaged chair that I fixed up) with a gorgeous fern in it for the front deck of my house... and I did one for my mom with flowers in it to put on her porch. We got lots of compliments on them, and they sure were pretty.

Over the course of last year... I managed to find a couple more "odd" chairs in various states of needing repair.... and have decided to make more.

I was able to find some gorgeous plants at a local nursery, and have been happily fixing up a chair for them. This wooden chair needed some structural repair, and I cut a hole in the seat (it wasn't very strong anyway). I sanded it a bit, and have my first coat of paint on it (a pretty aqua color). A couple more coats... and fixing up a planter... and it will be ready to sell.

Keep creating folks!
See you all tomorrow...