Monday, May 30, 2016


It's "Maker Monday"... where I feature something I've made in the past week; and encourage the maker lifestyle.

This past week has been really busy. So much so, that I had a panic attack yesterday just thinking about what all I needed to do this coming month. eeps. I need to figure out better ways to relax and not worry so much. One of the things I do to help calm down though.. is to make things. Sometimes we (I) get so caught up in work that needs to be done, that I don't take time to be creative... and before I realize it, I am a jumble of nerves and not a happy camper. I know many of you are the same way. So... take some time out! Your heart and soul with thank you for it.

Anyway... the daughter had me sketch and measure out what I wanted to have for garden beds... and she went out and made them herself from scrap wood we had salvaged from other folks. Then we went about filling them up a bit, and planting what we had that was ready. We still have some more dirt to get and then we can fill them up with more plants (some of which we have started in pots already). Each bed is about 11 feet long! She did an amazing job. She even cut down, and stacked... a couple smaller (and dead) trees we had in the yard.
I am so very grateful (and very proud of her).

The daughter and I both participated in a show this past weekend, and I made several new pieces for it. Then, last night, I worked on a couple more; including this necklace -- which has sort of a "Flower Power" vibe to it.

I also planned out some possible future projects... and am looking forward to my next block of time in the studio. 
Have fun! and I will see you all tomorrow....