Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Every now and then I do a post where I share what I have been watching via Netflix; and I thought it might be time again.

*The Wrecking Crew: this was awesome. A definite MUST SEE in my opinion.
*Hot Tub Time Machine: ok. I ordered this because it had John Cusak in it, and well... it surprisingly, didn't disappoint. Cheesy yes, predictable.. yes. But fun.
*The Peanuts Movie: I am a huge fan of the Peanuts comic strip, and fondly remember the movies from my childhood. This is the newest rendering... and I can't say I liked it. I love the bits with Snoopy, but then, I love Snoopy.
*I'll See You In My Dreams: I love Blythe Danner. Good plot, good writing. Would watch it again. Sam Elliott is great in it too.
*Celeste and Jesse Forever: looked good on the preview... wasn't horrible. Wasn't great.
*The Danish Girl: wow. This was awesome. A True life story of painter Einer Wegener, married Danish artist who was one of the first to elect to have gender-reassignment surgery.
*Rust and Bone: Saw this one last night. The preview looked really good, but the movie itself is depressing. Yes, it's a sad story, but there is more sex than needed to tell it... and there is no good resolution at the end.
*Smashed: another sad story that looked promising in preview. About a couple that has their relationship revolve around their drinking; and what happened when one of them stops.
*Slacker: just don't. Horrible.
*Aloha: great cast (Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin). .. even they couldn't save it.
*Diana Vreeland: This is a bio. Very interesting.
*1000 Journals: this is a bio of sorts about the 1000 journals project that I participated in several years ago. Pretty cool.
*Infinitely Polar Bear: This is about a family in the 70s that ends up living a sort of unconventional life while the mom goes back to college, and the father (who has Bipolar disorder) takes care of the kids. Very good, and one I would recommend.

Hope you all have a great day! And I will see you back here tomorrow.