Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I had to ask a friend of mine what this is...
I had "discovered" this flowering bush on a walk several days ago... and it is stunning.
Apparently, it is Hobblebush... a native Viburnum species.

"Hobblebush serves a variety of wildlife. Browsers eat its twigs and leaves. Game birds, songbirds, and mammals eat the fruit. In addition, Hobblebush is said to be larval host and/or a nectar source for the Spring Azure butterfly. The fruit of the Hobblebush reportedly may be eaten raw or cooked and is said to taste somewhat like raisins or dates. Hobblebush has a number of medicinal uses. The Algonquin reportedly rubbed its mashed leaves on the head to treat migraines. Iroquois are said to-have used a decoction of roots as a blood medicine. The plant was also used to treat chest and breathing problems."

---Today I am trying to catch up on some work... and figure out plans for the upcoming months.
Hope you are all having a great day, and I will see you back here tomorrow.