Saturday, May 14, 2016

for the weekend

Sometimes I have great trouble sleeping... my mind just doesn't want to stop.
So, for the past 6hrs or so, I have been looking though and editing old photos in an effort to calm down and relax.
Good news is.... I discovered lots of interesting photos that I've taken over the years and never edited or shared.
The photos for today's post are two of the ones I worked on tonight.

And, since it's technically Saturday morning... I thought I would go ahead and write my post for the weekend.
Per my usual routine, I've got some links to share with you all that I have been collecting this week:

*a neat way to make the designs for botanical tattoos
*a cool LEGO link
*photographer Magda Wasiczek
*what I am listening to right now
*artist Lia Melia

...I hope you all have an awesome weekend; and I will see you back here on Monday.