Sunday, May 29, 2016

for the weekend

Somehow I got a little behind, and am just now doing my weekend post.
Being Memorial Day weekend, I know lots of folks are honoring those who have passed, and having family gatherings and such. 
I hope you are all safe and enjoying whatever you are doing.
 The daughter and I participated at a show yesterday, had dinner with some family last night
... and are working on our gardens (between the rain drop threats) today.

But... per my usual routine, I have some links to share with you.
My daughter occasionally saves me links that she thinks I might want to put on my weekend posts.
Today's links that I am sharing, are all ones she found on one particular site:

*fabulous house in Mumbai
*high speed photography
*Library in Prague
*Japanese Oil paintings
*10,000 tree species - Art Installation
*teaching kids about organ donation
*dazzling bismuth stone
*intricately detailed papercut designs
*Van Gogh painting inspired room
*great wall of Australia
*incredible glass models
*fuzzy pigs?
*sweet little pet owl -- photography
*2016 National Geographic Traveler magazine contest winners
*and hey... it's coffee

See you all on Monday...