Friday, June 17, 2016


Well, this week we went on an overnight stay out of town.
I tried really hard to get all kinds of things done in advance to make sure we could go; as we were taking the trip to see a friend of ours from England --- who happens to be in the U.S. fo a  visit. Alas though, we were unable to see her. We did, however, get to take in a museum that we have longed to go to... ate some awesome food... and relaxed for a moment or two before we came back home late last night. Anyway, I will write more about it this weekend.

Today, I've lots on my plate... including errands for my mom, stopping at the Farmer's Market, posting online for my page Let's Go PoCo... and working on some art stuff. But before I go.... here is a panoramic photo of Williamsport that I took early yesterday evening as we were coming back. See you all tomorrow....

((you can click on this photo to see it larger))