Monday, June 20, 2016


It's Maker Monday! ... my ongoing series of posts where I show you something I made (or am working on) this past week; and encourage the maker lifestyle.

This past week, the daughter and I worked on several projects... but because we went to Philadelphia; some of the projects aren't quite done yet. We did get an aqua colored vintage chalkboard done (and it sold already!)... and the blue one below we just finished yesterday. We have one more (stunning!) large frame to put a chalkboard in... and that one should be done later on this week.
There is one more project the daughter has been working on, using the chalkboard paint. She took (18!) older glass gallon jars with wide mouths, and painted each of the lids a glossy black. She then blocked out a label area on the front of the jar and applied chalkboard paint. It is a many-step process... but they look amazing. And how cool is it that you can put whatever you want in them? and that each one has a slightly different "label" area? --super cute.

It's been awesome taking these things and re-imagining them in a new way.
We've lots more to do though... so we'll see you next week for more!