Monday, June 27, 2016


It's "Maker Monday" .... my ongoing series of posts where I feature something I've made (or am working on) and encourage the maker lifestyle.

I am not sure why last week was so busy... but it was. We were "dog-sitting" my niece's older girl (she's a golden lab mix)... doing things with my mom... the usual household stuff... AND, we had a professional here at the house helping us update some things in the studio space to make it more functional, so there was quite a bit of chaos going on. I also taught a class on Saturday... and was busy planning and getting ready for that. Oh! and we've continued to work on lots of upcycle projects in an effort to clean out the studio... fix up some things... and help our financial bottom line. ... whew... ok. Maybe some of that explains why last week as so busy.

One of the projects that I finished (and is listed for sale)... is this birdbath. It is comprised of an antique bird cage stand made of solid brass. I have connected brand  new chain, and wire wrapped an antique glass shade to form the "bath" part of the birdbath. I have accented it by wire wrapping lampwork glass beads and antique chandelier crystals to it. Anyway, I think the whole thing turned out really cool and totally unique.

The class I led at Firestone Forge this past Saturday was on learning to make"Window Jewels"... which is my version of a suncatcher. I like to think of them as "bling" for your windows. I think the gals at the class had fun...and I was so inspired; I ended up making a few more for the Etsy shop.

I also made a couple new mandala prints... one of which is at the top of this post.
It started as one of my original photographs (this time of a clump of maidenhair ferns)... and with the processes I use....
I think it turned out kinda cool.

I hope you all have a great start to your week... Keep Creating!
... and I will see you all tomorrow.