Monday, June 6, 2016


It's "Maker Monday" ... where I shared something I've been working on this past week and encourage the maker lifestyle.

We've been busy this past week, working on lots of upcycle type projects. 
The daughter and I have been going through some of the things we have in the studio space ((basement)) and have been figuring out if it's a "project in the making" or just something that we like and need to keep... or sell/ clear out of the space. 
And we've come across some awesome things... frames, old chairs, bits of wood, a couple old lamps... that sort of thing. But, I've also come across stashes of old jewelry bits and supplies that I have never used. So. Some of it I am listing online (my Ebay site), some of it will be going on the local yard sale page, and of course... some will be fashioned into new pieces.

I came across these gorgeous lengths of rolo chain. They were not long enough to make a necklace by themselves, so I considered making a bracelet... and then I got to thinking about a necklace design. I have combined it with wire-wrapped, carved, black Australian Jade beads... and added a simple clasp.  I like how there are 3 featured beads in the front section that lay at just the perfect spot.  And, how there is a bead on either side of the clasp in the back that nestles right at the base of the skull. I think it's a super modern look. All the chain (I believe) is probably silver plated. It is super shiny, and appears to be tarnish resistant. It is a heavier chain... some would consider it more masculine... but I think it looks awesome on my daughter; who was kind enough to model for me. It is approx 17 inches in length; and I will be listing it today in my Etsy shop. 

Keep creating!!! ... and I will see you all tomorrow.