Saturday, June 25, 2016

for the weekend

It's been a crazy, busy week here on the hill.
But we've been trying to take some time out to "smell the roses" (or Mountain Laurel.. as it were).

This week the daughter and I went on a drive and spent the afternoon taking photos of Mountain Laurel... and it was awesome. We worked in the studio.... and in spite of it being in complete chaos (because we are in the midst of trying to make it more functional)... we managed to get a few of our upcycle projects done. And last evening... we went to Lyman Run State Park for an event hosted by the Friends of Lyman Run... and went kayaking around the lake; and learned a little about cast iron cooking. It was great.
I've finished a couple books... this one and this one by Charles Bukowski; and now have a new sstack of books awaiting me on my bedside table.
We watched a fantastic movie on the singer Sixto Rodriquez (here) and were so inspired; we tracked down a couple of his cds (all the way in Australia, and coming to us from a seller in Seattle). His music is amazing, and why he isn't a household name, I have no idea.

So, the daughter has gathered a whole bunch of links from this one site, and so I am sharing them all with you:

*Butterfly Sculptures
*Minimalist tattoos
*original hipsters?
*bird feathers from around the world
*Sunday Street style
*silliness with bunnies
*some super paintings
*this was a bowling alley?
*mystery mansion
*abandoned fishing village in China
*the aging face
*some awesome photos
*street murals
*baby foxes
*24hr bookstore

I hope you all have a great weekend!
-- I will be teaching a class later on today at Firestone Forge, but I will see you all back here on Monday.