Tuesday, July 12, 2016


...sort of a continuation from yesterday's "Maker Monday" post... 

This past week or so has been very busy with gathering things to sell. With the hubby being unemployed, we are doing everything we can to fix up and clear out stuff we have in the hopes of making ends meet.... while he looks for work (and in addition to my at-home art business). There are lots of things we have that we really don't need... and there are lots of things we've been given or come across these past couple of years; that just need some work to make them sell-able.... so we have been concentrating on that.
First on the list, was a grouping of electronics... computers, a couple dead laptops, some small tools and such, etc. We still have a bit more to go through, but this weekend I was able to list some of it for sale, set some aside to go to my niece's upcoming yard sale, and some we've gathered to go to be recycled.

And of course, I scavenged some bits off the obviously-not-working stuff to use for jewelry. 
I've also been gathering up extra beads and supplies and such that I am listing on Ebay.

And then there is the "UpCycling" stuff that the daughter and I have been working on.
Needless to say, the studio is somewhat of a zoo this week (hence the Zebra shot at the top of today's post).
It's sort of like a dysfunctional Santa's sweatshop going on down here .... giggle.... but it's all in fun.
We've got wood projects, furniture projects, craft projects... and more. But we are getting there.

Who knows what we'll come up with this week...
See you all tomorrow for my "creativity prompt" posting on Wednesdays.