Monday, July 4, 2016


It's "Maker Monday" ... my series of posts where I show you something I've made (or am working on) over the course of the previous week... and encourage the maker lifestyle.

This past week or so has been very busy with the making of things to sell.
(you can click on any of the collage photos below to see them bigger)

This was an old tray from the 8o's that had some unfortunate graphics on it. 
So, it was painted and handles were added to make it more functional.

This elegant mirror was made from the back of a chair that was steps away from being burned up due to age and rot. We sawed off and saved the portion that we could, applied some wood filler, sanded and painted and searched high and low for a mirror that would fit. 
I think it's pretty amazing.

This old enamelware pot was quite rusted and had holes in the bottom, but amazingly, still had the original label on it. The label was preserved, and larger holes were put in the bottom to make it the perfect planter. We hand-painted the butterfly on the one side. 
It is huge, and now has lush, fresh flowers in it. 

And this planter box was in desperate need of sanding and repainting. The old paint was very chippy, the box was missing screws. and it just looked ready to be retired. The daughter took sanding bits to it, and several hours later, it was ready for new paint. She painstakingly painted each of the details in new colors, assembled it all... and now it's ready for your plants. 
Wouldn't it look super cute with strawberries in it?

And, I've also been working on new mandala prints from my original photos. The mandala print at the top of today's post, started off as one of my photographs of fireworks. I thought it would be perfect to celebrate today's Independence Day festivities.

I hope you are all having a great day, and I will see you all back here tomorrow.