Saturday, July 16, 2016

for the weekend

So. It's hot. People's temper's are short. Politic are, shall we say... tumultuous.
Every now and then, I devote a post to writing about book I've recently read, or movies I've recently watched. Also. bunnies. But that is another story. And rather than write something potentially banal or, conversely, inflammatory... I will stick to movies for this weekend.
Hope you enjoy...

*True Stories -- surprisingly cute. Course, I like John Goodman... and this cast of odd characters is somewhat mesmerizing.
*Mystery Train -- odd. Again, a mishmash of sorta connected stories. Not horrible... and the reference to the ghost of Elvis was interesting.
*Art School Confidential -- should have been better than it was. Even John Malkovich couldn't save it.
*The Double Life of Veronique -- honestly, I can't decide if I like it or not. It was certainly interesting, and the photography was good. But more sex than needed to tell the story, and the ending left me hanging. I do think the concept of us all having doppelgangers is interesting though.
*Hyde Park on Hudson - interesting movie about President Franklin Roosevelt (played by Bill Murray). Not sure how accurate a story it is, but it was beautiful, and funny, and tragic. Recommend.
*A New Leaf -- Walter Matthau & Elaine Mae (1971). Heard lots of good things about it, supposed to be a "classic?"... whatever that means. But it was, in my opinion.. just painful. And horrible.
*Man on the Moon -- another one I've heard great reviews of. And while I like Jim Carrey... dang. Another movie that was really painful to watch. You want it to get better, you want to understand the characters, but you just don't like them. 
*Danny Collins -- Al Pacino. A fairly good movie... just sad that the main character never really decides to be himself... which I suppose, is true for lots of folks. .. just a bit heartbreaking.
*Irrational Man - started out promising. Had the potential to be provocative... but didn't quite get there.
*Joan Baez: How Sweet the Sound -- documentary. Really cool... but I felt that they eluded to alot of her life, but never really talked about much of it, other than some of her political leanings. Of course, the music was great.
*Across the Universe -- reminded me of another movie I saw several years ago called Moulin Rouge. Love the music (Beatles)... love the idea of telling a story almost completely through song... and it was gorgeous to look at. Don't expect a whole lot of plot, or anything unexpected. And why is the lesbian character the only one who never gets busy>
*Paper Moon -- yes, the old one with Tatum and Ryan O'Neale. Loved it. And I completely forgot that Madeline Kahn was in it.
*Grandma - with Lily Tomlin. I might have a new "girl-crush" on her (again). She was awesome in this.

And of course, I've also been trying to read more... but will save that for another post.
See you all on Monday!