Saturday, July 23, 2016

for the weekend

I love teasel plants.
According to one online source, the name of the genus of this plant comes from a word that means "to thirst of water"; and refers to the cup-like shape of the plant. Apparently, rain, indeed... collects at the points where the leaves meet the stems, which is thought to deter certain sap-sucking insects and aphids from harming the plant. Isn't that cool?

It's amazing what information you can find online... although I have been trying hard to read more (actual books) lately. We've been without tv for several months I think now, and while at first I missed certain shows and such... I've gotten accustomed to not having it. And there are certainly ways around it... shows that can be accessed online or at Netflix and such. 

And, of course, it's summer and there is ever-so-much to be doing anyway.
That said.... per my usual weekend blog-post routine... I've gathered some links to share with you all:

*Shout out to New Mexico car culture
*some fantastic metal sculptures
*ever hear of a "spider frost?"
*25 books to read when you feel the world is falling apart
*South African Elephant murals
*miniature artist Ali Alamedy
*peaceful Tokyo
*have you heard of Karen Mueller? listen here 
*and then, there is this.
*and this.

I hope you have an awesome weekend... get some rest! 
And I will see you all back here on Monday for my "Maker Monday" post.