Sunday, July 31, 2016

for the weekend

It's the weekend! 
And I am still feeling waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on things.
Sometimes it's like that... and the next couple of weeks are looking like they are going to be super busy as well. The "funny" thing about PA is that events and such tend to all be grouped at the same time. I suppose, on one hand, it's nice to have lots of things going on at the same time so that you can "make the rounds" and see everything. On the other hand, it's impossible to see it all because you want to take your time... and there is just too much.
But alas. .... it is what it is.

Our garden is kind of like that too. Nothing, nothing, barely anything... 
then all of the sudden WHAM!!! it's all over the place (as evidenced by  the squash leaves in these photos).
Our herbs seem to be doing ok.... although the deer have, quite selectively, been eating our parsley.
(and they got all our brussel sprouts too). The woodchucks are (finally) leaving the lettuce alone... so we might actually get some... (yay!)... and we've got 12 (yes 12) tomato plants coming that we did not plant. We planted one... a very large one that I had gotten for my mom, and she decided was not doing well, so she gave it to us. But now, suddenly, we have all these other tomato plants. I am not sure if they miraculously appeared in the soil, or if one of our seed packets mistakenly had tomato seeds in it.... or if they are just "gifts from the universe".... but at any rate... we are happy they are here. I believe they are all varieties of cherry tomatoes.... but we will see.

We have one lone stalk of corn... but sure where it came from...
And all the flower seeds that we planted from seed packets in my mom's garage... for the most part... have not come up. There are a few surprises here and there.... 2 Icelandic poppies! a bachelor's button... but mostly it's marigold leaves at them moment.

So we have: lettuce, a couple pepper plants, tomatoes, a couple varieties of squash, a couple cucumbers, onions, chives, rhubarb, beans (not sure if they are going to do anything yet, but they are growing), and herbs. 
We did harvest some potatoes already... which I will tell you about in another post this week...
But for now, I hope you are enjoying the remainder of your weekend... 
I will see you all tomorrow for my "Maker Monday" post.