Saturday, July 9, 2016

for the weekend

It's the weekend! ... and although there are many, many things to do in the area.... I am thinking I just need a couple days to relax a little. Turn up the music, pull out the wine, perhaps read a book... or get a little sleep....

I hope you are all having a great weekend -- if you happen to be weaving around on the internet, here are some links I've gathered to share with you all:

*storms over the ocean
*embroidered "psychological" landscapes
*color palettes from some favorite movies
*photographs of fireflies
*photographer Mikko Lagerstedt
*embroidery on helmets?
*artist Zaria Foreman
*carved nuts! from the 16th Century
*photographer Mario Macilau
*"must read" book list by Patti Smith

The photograph for today's post is of a nearby wetlands... out in the "boonies" here.
Sometimes, black and white photography is just the right thing.... See you all on Monday!