Monday, July 25, 2016


It's "Maker Monday" ... my series of posts where I show you something I've made (or am working on)over the course of the previous week... and encourage the maker lifestyle.

Yes, I am a bit behind today...
It's been so hot that I feel like I am not getting a whole lot done, and then my daughter reminds me of all the things I do every day... and I feel a bit better. Yesterday, we dug up several bushes and plants from a friend's house, and while they look (mostly) dead (because of the heat and no rain)... the daughter dug holes in our back yard and plunked them in. If they live, next year we might have some blueberries and a currant bush... and maybe some rhubarb. She and Jim also dug up a fledgling maple tree... that is also now in our back yard.
While they were doing this, I planted 12 planters of flowers... the flowers were from a friend who thought they were (mostly) dead. But after a couple days of TLC here, I got them all planted... and took 9 of them back to her late last night as a surprise. That left me 2 for my mom's porch, and one for us. We also planted some succulents (hence the photos for today) into various pots.... and they now grace our front deck.

So... my "Maker Monday" post is about taking care of plants... even when you think they might be a goner... you just never know.
And this afternoon... as if to reward us... it rained.

See you all tomorrow.