Thursday, August 18, 2016


The other day, I mentioned I had read an article about "the addiction of being busy." 
Possibly a dramatic interpretation... but interesting nonetheless. 
I think we are all busy. Sometimes, we are too busy.
We get caught up in obligations, responsibilities.... trying to live up to expectations (either put on us by ourselves, or others)
... and it just gets to be too much. We tread water.... we sink... sometimes... we drown. 

This has been an interesting summer. If I think about it, the whole past 5yrs or so has really been trying. I know it will get better.
I believe it will get better. We are all striving for it to get better... and it will. It's just.... the getting there that can be so difficult.
And so we run around, trying to fix it... trying to make do... trying to work hard to stay afloat.... and well... that is exhausting too. 
The worry of it all.
The endless cycle of getting to the next day... the next week...
...the next round of bills.. the next task at hand... the next project due... 
I know you all understand.

I think for me, I often take on too much because I sincerely want to help, and am deluded enough to think I can make a difference.
But... there also comes a time when we all have to take a step back, and reflect ... and see how things are working. 
And if they aren't... to see how to fix that.

At any rate... those are some of my thoughts this week.
Hope you are all doing well.
See you all tomorrow.