Friday, August 26, 2016


You never know what life is about to teach you.

I always thought that I was not one to hang on to lots of things. My grandmother, in polite society, would be considered a hoarder. In fact, our family is full of them. No judgments, it is, what it is... and lots of the things saved are in actuality... pretty darn cool.

When I was in high school and college, I actually worked for folks doing cooking, cleaning, and organizing...
helping folks get rid of things and organizing what they wanted to keep.
So to be clear, I haven't fallen victim to the disease of packing it all to the rafters...
But, that said... there are always things to be let go of, if one is inclined to think about it.

When I left nursing in 2003, and we started home-schooling the kids... I started unloading things on a regular basis. There were several years where we gave away an item/ group of items... for every day of the year on and it was awesome (I think we did it for 5yrs straight).
In 2013, when we knew that we were planning on moving back to PA, we unloaded about half of our belongings so that we would be moving with a single truck cross country. However, since moving back to PA... we have been gathering more stuff... projects to work on, art and craft supplies, things to fix up and sell... and it's all my doing. And while it is a great thing to have work and stuff to resell.... the studio is looking a wee bit overcrowded these days. So I've got to "kick it in gear"... and get some things moving.

The lesson therefor, is -- that having stuff is sort of like the ebb and flow of the tides.
Sometimes it's a time of gathering in... and sometimes it is a time of letting it go.
And it's all abundance and enough, either way.