Saturday, August 6, 2016

for the weekend

So, it's late... and I find myself realizing that even though I thought it was Friday all day today... it is indeed Saturday. 
I have been so crazy busy all this week (and will be next week as well).... that I seem to be losing track of time. ... eeeeeehola.
It's maddening... but it's good, I suppose, that there is much to be done.
It could certainly be worse. And we are very grateful that we are able to do what we can.

The good news in all this running about... is that I have picked up a couple part-time/temp jobs. One, is that I am doing promotional work (photos and design work) for a friend's business, and the other is helping out at a friend's farm. I love working with plants and gardens, and for a few days I get to hang out with some fabulous garden plants. I've come to get to know old friends again; like zucchini and squash, and meet some relatively new ones... like purple beans!... and some more "exotic" ones like eggplant. I've never grown eggplant... and one of my few recollections of eating it is not a pleasant one... so we're giving it another chance.

And tomorrow... I hope to spend a bit of time in the studio.
I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend... and I'll see you all on Monday.