Sunday, August 21, 2016

for the weekend

This is the dill in our small garden. I think it's stunning.
There is just something amazing about the color, and the way it forms into these little "satellites" of seed, that just make me smile.

According to one source, dill belongs in the celery family, and is native to Southern Russia, Western African and the Mediterranean areas of Europe. As such, it is a featured element in many dishes... from soups and borscht, to pickles and additions to yogurt... and more. I think most people (or at least folks I know) think of dill in terms of it's use in pickling.
Here are some links that offer more information on this fantastic herb:

*National Gardening Association
*World's Healthiest Foods
*Old Farmer's Almanac
*Organic Facts

And of course, there are tons of fabulous recipes out there that incorporate dill in the dishes. I think one of the most interesting ones I saw, was for a dish from Serbia... where they use lots of dill with roasted potatoes or french fries. Sounds yummy to me  

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Yesterday, I led a class on collage at my friend's place - Firestone Forge.
It was fun! I love collage, and it was great to be able to share my experiences making it with a few folks.
So... not my "usual" weekend post... but I will see you all back here on Monday for my "Maker Monday" post with some photos and such.