Thursday, September 1, 2016


And so it begins.
I love fall... it is my favorite time of year.
It's cooler, it's colorful... it's crisp and clean and welcoming.

I was finally able to to go a doctor this week (the first in several years)... and he has started me on a new medication for my Lupus (SLE).
I am not happy about it.... but I understand why he has put me on it. Since starting it however, I have had a plethora of potential side effects... and I am trying to decide if I can stick it out until (hopefully) things settle down after a week or so of being on it.... and/ or if I m just more focused on these side effects because I don't want to take the meds (which I don't think is the case... but ... I am trying to be fair).
In the meantime though, very little is getting done.
Or at least in my mind.... I am so very far behind on things that I need to be doing. .. and behind on obligations I committed myself to doing... and struggling with keeping up the things I want to be doing.

So, for today at least... I will do what I can, and hope that is enough.
See you all tomorrow.