Saturday, September 3, 2016

for the weekend

I feel as though there is a great shifting of gears. Not sure if it's the more fall-like weather, 
or the fact that I have slept more this week, than probably the past several weeks combined. 
I am not sure if that is good or not, but it is what it is. 
I find in general, that my chronic pain is not quite as bad... but also
I feel deep in a fog... and somewhat out-of-body all the time, light-headed and nauseous. 
Ah, the wonderful world of meds. 

But hey... it's the weekend... and per my usual routine, I've some links to share with you all:

here's an interesting blog by the Penn State Extension
ever hear of black-out tattoos?
before and after dog grooming make-overs

I hope you all have an awesome weekend, 
and I will see you all back here on Monday.