Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Several months ago, I started a new "series" of posts... if you will...
And so on Wednesdays; I intend to post an old photograph to inspire your creativity. 
 Write a poem!  
Plot out a short story!     
 Have inspiration for a piece of art or composition.... let your artistic soul shine.        
(you can click on the photos in this post to make it larger to see).


Somewhere, I have a photograph of my grandmother in a similar swimsuit.
I imagine these ladies are having a grand time.
Most likely, escaping to a "secret" swimming hole where they can escape the summer heat.
There will probably be a picnic afterwards... perhaps potato salad, hot dogs, fresh fruit and corn on the cob... talks around the campfire. And maybe "Uncle Joe" will bring out his guitar and fumble out some bawdy ballads from the old country.
Who knows. .. but I suspect s'mores will follow.

See you all tomorrow.