Tuesday, April 25, 2017


A friend of mine is having a hard time.
It's incredibly difficult when someone you care about is hurting or going through trials...
I feel so helpless.

Last night I happened to read this little book by Alice Hoffman called "Survival Lessons," which was really on point, and talked about this very thing. (and it's available at the local library). It's a brief book, but heartfelt, that reminds us to eat dessert first, take the trip, sit in the sun, love a dog... all those things you know ... but sometimes need reminded of when things get chaotic.

And so it goes....
Here are a few more photos from yesterday's walk around the yard.
(Top photo is our small forsythia bush, below is one of the Mullein plants,
and the bottom is a teeny tiny plant called "Creeping Charlie.").
See you all tomorrow.