Tuesday, May 16, 2017


The lilacs have been absolutely wonderful this year. 
We hope to plant more than the one we have in our yard, but for now... 
I am enjoying the ones that belong to the neighbors.

It is quiet here (I am posting at almost 2am).
The new pup is snoozing at my feet, my hubby's soft snores wafting from the other side of the bed.
I have been having "night terrors" for almost a month now, a side problem associated with my PTSD.
It's unsettling to say the least.
Usually... there is a "trigger" of some sort, something that will spur the mind to wander so violently in the night... but I can't think of one. And so I have been having difficulty sleeping.
I seem to sleep in 3 hour bits.... and frequently find myself awoke, drenched in sweat,
not completely remembering what it was I was dreaming about.
And, if I do, it often has no bearing on anything that happened in real life... so...
I thought that perhaps it was the ZzzQuil I have been taking off and on for the past few years...
perhaps my body was reacting oddly to it... but no. It should be completely out of my system now that I have not taken it for 3 weeks.
Anyway. Life is a bit.. off... with my sleep patterns being wonky.

I will say, though... that it is deeply beautiful out at 2am.
Sunrises lately have been pretty spectacular...
and the smell of lilacs wafting in my bedroom window... is everything.