Tuesday, June 20, 2017


So... today I am getting a very late start on my usual tasks... as I had my mom up most all the afternoon and early evening. It's all good. Time is what it is... and heaven knows things change in the blink of an eye and who knows where we'll all be or what we'll be doing. 

Yesterday I showed you several pair of earrings I had made with VINTAJ brand charms and aged brass wire and findings... and gemstones, of course. Today I have 3 more pair to show you. These also consist of aged brass wire and findings, and gemstones... but the charms are artisan made SPECIALTY pieces. These are hand cast bronze pieces made from the lost wax cast method. The initial molds are made from antique French rosary pieces that haven't been in production for decades. 
Because these are so wonderful, I have teamed them with more expensive gemstones.
This first set, with the Sacred heart cross pieces, features stunning aqua blue Amazonite.
The second set with the Mary with Flowers medals, feature Raw Pink Tourmaline chunks with champagne toned Swarovski crystals. 
And the 3rd set with the tiny Miraculous Medals feature antique chains and gorgeous gem quality faceted Amethyst briolettes.

I am really happy to be able to work a bit again, and hope my stamina continues to improve so that I can work on more. 
See you all tomorrow...